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Tree trimming is our most popular services.  Customers regularly trim not only to maintain a beautiful landscape, but to keep their plant life healthy and alive.  To keep your home or business safe, we recommend regularly trimming trees. We follow strict regulations to make sure your trees are cut in a timely and safe manner.

Grinding a stump can take as little as five minutes to do.  Don't be fooled by stump "killer" chemicals, they can take years to get rid of a stump, and leave a lot of adverse effect on the surrounding landscape.  Grinding your stump is the only way to efficiently get rid of that ugly stump  and eliminate all hard roots.


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Trees can be a burden when they become unsafe or overgrown.  Although we love trees at Haught's, we understand that all trees were not created equal.  So if you have a dangerous or unwanted tree on your property, call us to take care of your next tree removal job, big or small we have the means to take care of your unwanted tree. 



We offer tree support, sometimes referred to as "cabling", to help assist in the growth of your trees and shrubs.  Tree support is a safe, non-intrusive method that Haught's has used for years.


Fertilizing is important to the health and defense of your tree against disease and insects.  We fertilize all around the tree and drip line, ensuring that your tree stays alive and fresh.


If you have problems with oak wilt or any other kind of diseases in your trees, let our tree professionals come and diagnose the problem and come up with the proper solution.

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